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Rubber wipers Wind

Rubber wipers compatible wind Valeo X-TRM price for a rubber

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4,80 €

Rubber wipers with wind support Valeo X-TRM
We present a perfect replacement wipers wind, ideal if your brush has suffered some deterioration along the rainy months. With the new tires, the cleaning mechanism will operate at full capacity, as if straight from the very factory. And all for a very affordable price: 1.80 euros.
Furthermore, these bands are interchangeable one hundred percent compatible with model Valeo X-TRM and any other range that has a profile similar to this. A great price for a top quality brushes.
Wiper Valeo X-TRM
These reputable brushes are part of a long list of cars. In addition, many users choose to customize your car including this outstanding wipers. The Valeo X-TRM is a new generation model that stands out for its effectiveness in cleaning task performed making use of aerodynamic improvements without issuing just noise. Given the uniform sliding on the moon vehicle, cleaning the glass is unbeatable.
Lighter, quieter and more wind resistant; these are the maxims of Valeo X-TRM range. A wonderful model wiper whose price can be prohibitive. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy our flagship product to replace old rubber wiper for your new, cheap item quality and in perfect condition, it will again shine the moon of your car.
Compatible with tires of the same profile
Any rubber brush available as a similar profile of our product can be replaced without losing effectiveness. Compatibility ensures one hundred percent. With dimensions of eight seventeen millimeters and a length of between thirty and eighty centimeters, our spare tire will fit like a glove.
Change rubber instead of changing brush and can save more than 97% of the brush. There is no excuse for your wipers wind does not look like new!
Easy to buy, easy to install
While many users may feel intimidated by having to manually replace the rubber of their brushes, we emphasize the ease of installation of our product. By following a few simple steps and using pliers, scissors and our own hands, we can install without major impediment new rubber brush Valeo X-TRM.
Do not be afraid to do it by yourself! In our video-specific mounting rubbers wiper wind you can see more clearly the procedure.
Do not let this opportunity slip away!
In short, use a brush Valeo X-TRM wipers or wind, our gums you work seamlessly with the device. Replacing the tires has never been easier, faster and cheaper. With a proven quality, we assure immediate success with these tires for wipers compatible with model wind Valeo X-TRM.
Buy our tires and parts! You will not regret.