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Rubber hollow wiper

Rubber hollow wiper parts
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Rubber parts for limpiaparabrsas with center rod

The wiper of your car - it is also important to maintain

The wipers and gums are very important for good visibility and increased safety while driving. Gums or defective wipers can seriously compromise the pilot's vision, especially when road conditions are not favorable.
 The wiper has three components: the arm, the brush and paste. Factors such as sunlight, pollutants, oil and dirt make brushes deteriorate resulting in difficulties as clicks and noise, scratches and the inability to remove water from the windshield. For that reason it is good to make a change every six months, as these items damage the brushes and only use these own gums.
 An economical choice to solve these problems is to replace the rubber wiper. It is also good to clean the edge of the brush with a soft cloth should be dirty. Depending on the case, you might decide to change the brush, accessory metal frame and, although it may be more expensive is easy to apply and improves wiper performance and prevents damage like scratches on the windshield. It is also good to remember constantly inspect the washer fluid reservoir and recharge when needed. You can easily get this liquid.
If you notice that the brushes move very slowly or stop moving altogether is important to check the wiper motor. Removing the engine and add a few drops of grease and oil to lubricate the engine and it will not work at normal speed.
The wiper arm is the mechanical part which connects the blades with the motor which provides the movement. For this reason you need a replacement for this part of the wiper if this damage.
Other tips: if it snows where you live, avoiding the bad habit of using your wipers as ice scrapers. Doing this greatly shortens the life of the wiper. It is much better to use an ice scraper and really extend the useful life of the wiper.
What if your wipers do not work?

First you should check that the circuit breaker has not blown. If not you should check if the voltage reaches the engine, which would fail if so check if the engine is running well.
It is easy to check this, just remove the motor and try it out; if that does not work you should change it. If the voltage is not reaching the engine then checks the installation. It may be due to several reasons: grounding, the switch windshield or positive supply cable; and sometimes fuse wiring in which case it must be replaced.
Never hurts to avail the services of your auto mechanic when you do a routine or repair. Many gas stations also often provide this service, so at least occasionally ask your reviews wipers.
Need a change of windshield wiper blades? Remember that a good maintenance helps improve visibility and increase your safety and that of your loved ones. In our shop you will find hollow rubber wipers, universal gums, windy and flat wipers and traditional. We have very affordable prices and free shipping on purchases over 30 Euros.