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Universal wiper rubbers

Universal wiper rubbers parts

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Rubber parts for universal wiper
As well have an impact on other occasions, the most important element is the wiper rubber, secured to the brush, is responsible for cleaning car windows. If the cleaning mechanism of your vehicle is not working properly, surely the cause is directly related to the condition of the gums. That is when you should make the decision to replace the old tires with new ones.
Gums universal parts
A high percentage of wipers are of the compound by two side metal rods, one of the most used types in the automobile. So any car lover should possess a minimum knowledge about the installation and use of this range of wipers.
These gums are universal wiper encircled in a metal frame. Increase life is very difficult and, consequently, it is very possible that after a hard, hot summer in the brushes do not work as effectively autumn than in spring. However, exchange rubbers universal wiper is not a large outlay of time or money.
If you are in this case, we have a range of cheap tires for your standard brushes.
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With 11 mm height and 8 maximum width, our universal tires are suitable for different sizes of 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80 inches. In case of not knowing for sure the length of their own brushes, we recommend purchasing the rubber extension subsequently be increased by a cut. Generally, the blades of the rear window are shorter than the front, approximately 40 centimeters.
For just 1.80 euros, you can change the module suffers most wiper, helping both your pocket and nature, since the system replace the tires instead of the whole mechanism of the blades produces less pollution.
Mounting a universal rubber
These universal gums can be found in many wipers, so it does not hurt to learn installation, a simple process that resolves in a few minutes. Our video shows the best way possible steps to follow:
Pull the rubber brush, which will be attached to a metal frame consists of two side rods.
Once the rubber disentangled initial set, remove the two rods located on the side of the rubber.
Compare the size of the old rubber with new tires and, if necessary, cut it out.
With the new tires and two metal bars drawn in the first point, the latter scoring slots in the side of the rubber, so that the element is secured.
Introducing the new rubber to metal frame inside the brush.
Finally, just to ensure the rubber brush, snapping at the ends using pliers.
Buy your gums universal parts!
The universal compatibility of the gums is contrasted with various models of Wiper, from brands like Valeo or Norauto to label products. Both its low price, only 1.80 euros, as the ease of assembly, position it as a great product to improve the quality and feel of cleaning your car.
Therefore, always looking for comfort and maximum safety, test yourself to change your gums damaged by a cheap standard wipers and verified quality product.